Closing out the year, planning for the future

I’ve not been much in the blogging ‘mood’ of late, nor have I really had much time – my apologies to you all. I had 3 days off in December from work, and those were filled with catching up with friends and family (yes, those people I live with I hardly even saw). Work is less busy through the week in January (as the schedule goes at the moment), and probably February as well (again, as it stands now); meaning I’ll have more time to get back into the thick of blogging.In an effort to spur me on, I’ll create a Belshaw-esque list (if you read his blog, you’ll realise he is as much a fan of making ‘to-do’ lists as Ninglun is a fan of changing layouts – perhaps more-so!) on what I’d like to achieve in the coming month.

My attempt to troll my readers seems to have worked on the Internet filter. I’d like to revisit it, as Jim’s comment actually made me think about perhaps changing what I believe should be done. That’s not to say that all the other comments weren’t appreciated. Thank-you for taking the time to comment, loyal readers. I might do it again down the track when I’m looking for a ‘community topic’ to write about.

I still need to finish off me blogging community post. It’s getting out of hand (it always happens when I try and write on this topic), so much editing is required. Either way, I would like to get it rolled out – I’ve been promising it for more than half a year now, and working on it for more than a full year. It’s just too large a topic, I feel. But I will try.

Ideally, I’d like to wrap up my Lack of Opposition series with a fourth and final post. I was quite happy with what I was getting out there. It generally sums up how I feel about the Liberals these days. I suspect others feel the same way, though perhaps not so personally invested in their opinion.

My Holiday Road/The Legend of the Moustache series continues – some 7 more or so of the tour. I’ll have to decide if I want to blog about my side-trip around New York with my friend when I get to the end. I probably won’t.

I’ve been fiddling around with my holiday videos and editing them to upload to YouTube. If I do this, I’ll certainly return to writing the series because I’ll have a great supplementary … source?

I’ve written in my head (as much as you can mentally write a post – perhaps formed a framework is a better way of putting it) a year’s end post that I should be able to write in the space of a day. Look out for it on Monday, as I have it off. Perhaps it will stretch into Tuesday, but not beyond that. I suspect it might catch some people off-guard in that it will have quite a bit of personal spin on it – unlike the end of 2006 post I did, and most unlike the predominant topics that appear here.

Of course, I’ll be far too careful to say anything meaningful in that post, so I don’t want to talk it up as some sort of window into my world. I wouldn’t dare put that up for the e-world to see. It would scare even the most hardened e-veterans!

The cricket on, at the moment, is marvelous! I have had half a dozen conversations with people, at work and at home, that I really want to turn into a post on the topic. That will probably also come on Monday.

Barack Obama’s cabinet is a series I was proud of, but have lost interest and grasp on it since I’ve been so busy. For the most part, I covered the most interesting ones, and the most applicable to wider Australia. I’ll probably post a recap and a ‘fill in the blanks’ on Monday too (a list of dot points, links, and a paragraph on each of the ones I missed). It is starting to shape up to be a busy Monday – the type of day I like. I thoroughly enjoy being busy and having to concentrate on working, especially after the past month. I don’t really want to lapse into sloth-mode.

Returning to my early December To Do List post I see that there is a high degree of overlap. Of that list, I’ve lost my acute interest in imperialism at the moment (while my broader, more general interest remains, I don’t feel the need to write about it), while the rest I have already mentioned above, funnily enough without checking it prior to right now. Of the movies I’ve most recently seen (not all for the first time), I’ll list them here and leave them up to you, the readers, to pick. Of course, last time I did this I didn’t get any preference, so if no one suggests one or two then I’ll probably just skip the topic of movie reviews and critique. Oh, and I don’t intend on writing some 8000 word plus piece, just something manageable and concise. Here goes:

Somewhere into next year I’d like to write a post like the Amelie and Amelie vs. Garden State posts, but with new movies and a lens of belonging. Those two posts were popular because of the journey-scope I put on them, so I suspect with a change in AoS concept I could capitalise on this. I’ll have to get thinking on that soon.

Anyway, that’s probably enough planning to get me through the holidays – especially if I keep my eyes open for the occasional off-topic post every few days. A moderate post rate is acceptable to me for the next few months – 20 for every 30 days? Something around there. If I set this goal, I might try and extend myself and break it. Who know how it will end up though.



2 thoughts on “Closing out the year, planning for the future

  1. Re-reading my last comment, someone who did not know us might feel that that my last brief comment was somewhat tart. It was not. I laughed when I read the reference – too true! And I am always glad to have an influence!

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