Gratuitous consumerism

I am slightly ashamed of myself, but in no way surprised. The thing most occupying my thoughts at the moment is whether to buy a top-of-the-range camera that is small, handy, and good for taking indoor people photos (the sort of camera you can take to a party and snap some pictures), or a top-of-the-range camera that takes excellent outdoors/scenery photos, distances photos,  and isn’t small and handy (the sort of camera that is ideal for a tourist like myself). Each have advantages over the other – i.e. the small ‘indoors’ camera I’m looking at records HD videos, while the ‘outdoors’ camera has 15X optical zoom. I have a video camera that record 1080 already, so where the ‘indoors’ camera would have probably won out with that feature, it doesn’t advantage it all that much in the end. I would like a small, handy camera to take around. I also want to take great scenic photos on my holidays – better than the ones my video camera takes at the moment.

I’m not going to compromise on either’s quality – buy the top of the range and it requires upgrading later rather than sooner.

Probably the worst thing about all this is that I’ve been thinking about it for 2 weeks and haven’t made a decision – which probably means I’ll just get both and spend well over a grand doing so. Though, for the amount I’ve earned from work this month, that honestly is a negligible amount.

Ugh, sometimes I disgust myself.



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