Bits of news

I’m going to go out on a leaf here and say that Israel doesn’t give two hoots what Australia says about what’s happening over there – critical or supportive of either side. So for anyone to claim that Israel is doing what they are doing because the Australian government hasn’t been overly critical of Israel’s latest use of force would be prudent, naive, attention-grabbing, and plain silly.

My own two cents? Prime Minister Rudd’s statements and attention paid to this is adequate, considering our involvement, location, and the politics of the issue. You didn’t think I would give you my two cents on the current problems over there, did you? I’m too smart for that – when everyone has cooler heads, and when it’s not such a hot topic I might write them down. But out of fear of how they might be interpreted and construed (which probably gives away my opinions on the matter), I’ll hold off.



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