Yearly post stats

2006: 118 posts over 6 months, 90 Word pages, 56,886 words of content

2007: 210 posts over 12/11 months (February I had a month long holiday), 165 Word pages, 114,308 words of content

2008: 339 posts over 12/11 months (July I had a month long holiday), over 340 Word pages, 254,574 word of content

Overall: 667 posts over 2.5 years, excess of 595 Word pages 431,768 words of content

I spent the last day figuring all that out in laborious fashion – copying and pasting each post into a Word document and going from there. The word count is accurate, so too is the post count obviously. The Word pages isn’t – it should be longer, but when I pasted posts on, often I would not leave a space line, I didn’t copy headings, and I deleted quotes from the post (so as to not interfere with the word count. I did it because the total number of words and pages came up in a discussion with St. Ives and Mr. Rabbit. Here it all is.

For reference, the Bible clocks in at 774,746 words total (593,493 for the Old Testament, 181,253 for the New Testament), The Lord of the Rings clocks in at 525,405 words,  War and Peace, in English, has 560,000 words, and À la recherche du temps perdu, by Marcel Proust, is the Guiness World Record holder of longest novel with 1.2 million words. Seeings it took me the first 6 months of 2008 to beat my whole 12 month effort of 2007, I feel confident that my blogging and writing abilities are on the improve, and that I’ll easily overtake The Lord of the Rings and War and Peace before the end of the financial year, and probably have a higher word count than the Bible by the close of the year. Seeings how long the longest novel is, if I kept blogging for just another 3 years at 300,000 word a year (realistic for the next 2), I would pass it eventually. Perhaps that’s a goal to keep in mind when I think blogging is a drag.

I’m pleased that my 2008 effort, over the same time period, doubled my 2007 effort. I really feel like I blogged ‘harder’ (I was going to say worked harder, but I didn’t think it felt right) over the year finished. A lot of the higher counts there are due to my frequency in posting long posts (holiday recounts are up there, and then fine detail analysis of mass polling data through the election). I hope to increase that over the coming year.

Anyway, just some stats I thought I’d share. Gives me, personally, a lot of food for thought for the next year. I’m off to a good start so far – here’s hoping I can keep it up.



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