On track

I didn’t make any blogging resolutions except to ‘blog better’ (whatever that means). I did, however, plan to make monthly goals each month. This month’s goal is to blog at least once every day. So far, I’m achieving that goal. It means that there are less days when there are many posts – though that isn’t  to say that I’m writing some and then holding off posting them. I just write the one for the day, and if I think of an idea for another, I write myself a note and get onto it the next day. To achieve this goal, I’m having to look at my moments for blogging very carefully and maximise them best. For example, I have blogged for today (Saturday) in the early hours of the morning knowing that I won’t have time tomorrow afternoon, evening, or night (due to my work shift). The same happened a couple days into the challenge.

I suspect this pattern of blogging is good for my readers. They don’t have to expect erratic updates, and won’t have to subject themselves to hours of torture in single sittings if I post five times in one day. Then again, the last post (which I have stickied above – for now) is some 5,800 words – so I guess that is an hours worth of torture for one post. Either way, I like this set-up for the time being. My next month’s goals might change it (though I’m not sure on what the goal is), but if I learn something from January (that posting once a day is good) then I’ll probably keep it up. Let me know what you think … if you want.



2 thoughts on “On track

  1. The scheduling facility may also help you. I guess you know WP allows posts to be on hold until a date and time you specify. I am using it on the photoblog.

  2. I thought about doing that, but originally thought it to be cheating. Though given my up-coming word schedule (I’m about to blog about it) I may have to use it.

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