Developments at work

If I didn’t spend enough time at work already, I got a reason to live there today. Checking the emails that suppliers and what-not send us, I checked one that caaame from Foxtel. It informed us that, as part of our sports package (we get everything concerned with sports at work), we would be getting … A-SPAN! Starting tomorrow, the debut of the Australian politics channel will be covering federal and NSW, Queensland, and Victoria state politics, Britain’s Question Time, and eventually US Congress sittings. It begins tomorrow, of course, with a focus on Barack Obama’s inaugeration. I suspect some sort of recap show, and explanation segment, and then bits and pieces about the day.

So now, while I was worried and disappointed that working so much would turn my attention from politics it will actually increase it more than I have ever been able to pay attention to it. We don’t have Foxtel at home, so now I’m eager to get to work to watch  this channnel. I expect I’ll be spending my days off there as well!



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