Update to work.

My stretch at work is either about to end or be extended by 3 more days tomorrow. Thursday, as it stands, is the last day of my (now) 14 continuous days of work. However, one of the ‘underlings’ isn’t able to work for half his shift on Friday – which I have proposed covering for him. I cover as many people’s shifts as I can for a few reasons – extra money for me, makes me look good, impresses the bosses, people owe me favours. This is one of the few people who work with me that wasn’t indebted to me. My boss might decide that they don’t need me to cover, and then this person’s deal with the Devil is put off for another day.

If I do get the shift, it means I have Friday, Saturday, Sunday working – meaning I’ll have worked for some 17 days. I wouldn’t mind that achievement, so I am hoping I get my Friday shift. It’s also a well timed shift; smack in the middle of the day, freeing up dinner with friends.

Update: I am not needed tomorrow. Thus I have my first day off since the 15th of the month, and the ‘underling’ gets to keep his soul. I hope to get ahead of blogging with my spare time.



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