No, nothing to do with work. To do with this blog. As most of my regular readers already know, I was accepted into the Eduation Honours program at my university. I had a rough idea of what I was getting into (writing, reading, research), but after my meeting with my supervisor today, I’ve realised that it’s enough work to force me to pay the projects and the final thesis more attention that I would normally pay an assignment. So I weighed up: cut back on work hours (which means cutting back on my income) or cut back on my few leisure activities (blogging, bludging, watching television to all ends of the morning, bludging, watching copious amounts of movies, bludging, etc.) to a certain degree while keeping available one night a week to socialise. It was, really, a no-brainer: activities I do to pass time had to be cut back.

I intend to continue blogging, though far less frequently once the semester starts (March), and probably somewhat less frequent starting now. My supervisor wants a basic literature review by next Wednesday (4 pages) about my topic. So, yeah, I had better start on that. Not that it’s being marked proper, just that one of the graded assignments for the first semester of the program has an assignment in it that is a literature review which will form a section in the thesis. So I’ll hash something together. Anyway, just thought I would provide everyone with a head-up and an update.



8 thoughts on “Cutbacks

  1. No, I hadn’t realised about the Honours (or I had senior moment again). Well done.

    Perhaps you could make the blog work for you, in a way, by spinning topics from your Education work this way. I’d be interested, but then I admit I am strange… 😉

  2. Thank-you Neil.

    I have considered that. Seeings as how a good proportion of the regular readers here are teachers/ex-teachers. I was a bit hesitant though because it would mean that coming to the blog as a ‘break’ from the work going into the thesis wouldn’t work.

    Then again, I might really enjoy the whole process, so blogging about it would be fun, and healthy for the thesis.

  3. Well, at the moment, it’s dancing around the use of ICT in the teaching of History Extension. Mind you, I wrote that without much thought, and I’m coming to realise that finding a way to research this might be difficult. I have to somehow get into schools. Speaking of which, I was urged to pursue contacts I might have with independent schools, so as to avoid having to get approval from the Ethics Committee and *then* DET.

    So, do you know anyone?

  4. Cheers Neil. I’ll keep you in mind. As I said to the Ombudsman earlier the evening, I suspect I’ll end up in the DET system. So I’ll definitely keep your offer in mind.

  5. My word Thomas, you must be busy with work and uni given the lack of posts. You certainly will be missed tomorrow. I look forward to catching up with you next time.

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