It’s been a while since I last blogged. I’ll repeat the theme of a comment I replied to the previous post with: I just haven’t been feeling it. I am frequently on Facebook, yes. But that’s because it’s quick and easy to provide an update to people who are on there. Additionally, I don’t have to write more than one line to say everything I want. I suggest that if you want to know what I am up to day-to-day, check there.

University returned today. I am not all that happy as I have had an awful timetable (5 days a week), which was turned into a bad timetable with some shuffling by the coordinator of one of the subjects. 4 days a week now. 20 contact hours. One day is 9 am to 4pm, another is 10am to 5pm. That 10 to 5 day had a massive 3 hour break in between. Not that bad of a thing though, as I’ll drag my laptop in and I will have 3 intensive hours to work on my honours paper.

My honours project is shaping up.In a couple of weeks I’ll have to apply for ethics approval, which takes 2 months roughly, and around the same time apply to the DET to let me into their schools to follow up a very valuable contact I have gained (thanks Neil!). I got an email back from a random canvas of private schools that said they are happy to help. So I have 3 teachers lined up now. Seeings how I’m going through the DET now, I might blackmail a friend into helping me get a fouth and final interview at one of their current schools. See how it all goes.

I am ashamed that university has resumed, because it means I get a lot less working hours. The past 3 or 4 weeks I have done 40 hour weeks. The money has been well received, and plentiful seeings how most hours fell on Saturday and Sunday. I finished the just gone Saturday’s shift at 2am – my latest working finish to date.

I ended up buying a new set of golf clubs. A set of Ping G-10 irons and the 3 wood of the same model I have a 5 wood that I like currently or a different make, and don’t enjoy using drivers. This is the best set (unless you are on tour) that Ping make. Got quite the discount too. I am going to go buy a new bag, a putter and some wedges (a 60 and 56 degree) and then I’ll be all fitted out. I actually have an itch to play golf again – an itch I haven’t felt in a long time. I have a few people asking if I can play with them in some championships coming up. They know that I am playing off an inflated handicap …

… which probably means nothing to everyone, so let me explain. If you are a member of a golf course, you get a handicap. A handicap is like a negative score you add to your total round at the end which should, theoretically, bring your score back to ‘par’ (the recommended total number of shots you should have over 18 holes) If you have a good round, when you add your handicap to the score, you will likely come in ‘under par’ (say the par of the course is 70 and you have a handicap of 18, which means you usually go around 18 holes to 88 in total, and you have a good round of 80, you will have a net 62, which is 8 shots under par). If you shoot scores below par, more often than not you will lose .1 or .2 of a whole shot (seeings how handicaps are really numbers to 1 decimal place, rounded up after .5) per shot you are under par. If you have a bad round, and shoot higher than what you usually shoot in 18 holes, you will finish ‘over par’. If you finish over par you will get .1 back regardless of how many shots you have over par.

With the handicapping system that we have, and just due to previous local rules, you need to put in 5 competition cards each year to retain your handicap. Now, I am a member at my course and wanted to keep my handicap. But I was too busy to play, or simply didn’t want to. So I put in ‘blank’ cards. Effectively, I was submitting cards that said I did not finish my round, which also attracts .1 of a shot back on your handicap. When I stopped playing, I wasn’t all that good (still a 15 or 16 year old something), and had a handicapp of 22. For the past … 7 or so years, I have put in 5 blank cards at least (I say at least because I couldn’t remember sometimes if I had put 5 in yet or not) 35 D.NF cardsgets you .1 back each time. 3.5 shots I got back, rounded up to 4, means my handicap is going to be at least on 26. That’s 4 free shots I get on the golf course. But I am better than a 22 handicap anyway – probably at 20 at the moment. So I have an elevated handicap of 6 before I even swing a club and get back my rhythm.

A couple of people know this and are asking if I’m free for championships. I’ll have to give it some thought.



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