Thinking about holidays

Yes, it has begun to pop into my mind more regularly now. It was around this time of the year I started figure out where I wanted to go, how long, and how much. Of course, all that thinking came up trumps. I had originally intended to not go on a holiday this year – exchange rates have crashed, I have spent a good amount of money since my last holiday (instead of saving for the next one), and I have a very busy year in terms of university and work. That last point, however, has actually made me think more about going on holiday than staying put. Maybe at the very end of the year, say November, I might go wanders. Thesis is due in October, I shouldn’t have any exams, and it’s less busy then than in December at work.

Waiting that long too might be an idea. If exchange rates stay this low, tourism industries everywhere will suffer. That’s when you can get cheap hotel rates, cheap tour rates, cheap everything. So it might be possible to actually save money on the initial costs of the holiday. Then, hope to no end that the rates come up, at least a little. They probably won’t.

Where to go is the question. I want to return to the US, but if I do, it’s for another month long tour. And that will be an expensive outlay either way. It’s hard to save money there. I would finally like to tour some countries in Asia, but while cheap, it would require a fair bit of organising without going on another expensive tour. Europe is calling again – though that idea might fall through pending certain circumstances.

At the end of the day, I don’t know where I want to go or when I want to go.I just know that I can go and that I want to go. Give it some time and I’ll probably have some answers.



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