Stating the obvious

Clearly I’ve let this blog die a long and slow death over the past months. To be honest, I can’t see myself coming back to it. Overnight, the whole “will to blog” disappeared from me. I am disappointed.

I won’t close it. One day I may get inspiration to return to blogging. But, as anyone who semi-regularly checks Facebook will know, I post the odd with on information and what would have been a blog post there.

Unfortunately, in abandoning the blog, I am abandoning a fascet to express myself where I otherwise cannot. For example, right now I’m in a rather bad frame of mind. I certainly in a state of melancholy (I seem to frequent this). I can hardly share that on Facebook because there’s people there that I don’t really want to share it with, and the root cause of it all also inhabits that space. So I shall let it sit and fester.

Perhaps an update while I’m here: The university semester has only one week after this to go, with a fair few assignments due; my Honours dissertation is coming along quite well; I scored very well on an English curriculum assignment, with my tutor/lecturer telling the class she was ‘speechless’ at how good my assignment was, and then praising me after y presentation of the assignment; work is both a pleasure and a pain at the moment; I am catching  up with most of the Sojourn Group for tennis tomorrow, something I am rather looking forward to as I hope it will momentarily cheer me up; US politics is interesting, but not blog-worthy; Australian politics is just weird and strange; I have taken up golf again, and am quickly reminded of why I gave it up originally.

There’s more, but it’s primarily trivial or things that I have forgotten about. Well, back to this troublesome, depressing, ironic, transient world of mine.



3 thoughts on “Stating the obvious

  1. When I go back to golf every half decade or so, I also remember why I gave it away the previous time.

    See you for tennis!

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