In an effort to get blogging again, here’s what I have planned for tomorrow. If I write about it now, I may be encouraged enough after the events to come back and relate some of the more ridiculous events (because only in my life would the past couple of weeks have happened) in detail. There’s a good chance that I’ll have a story, because part of the day involved CityRail:

Up to 2am to 3am: Watch Scrubs, eat food that will take time off my life, drink drinks that will see me inevitably get that diabetes I don’t have yet;

9am: Get up, shower, ready myself; go to East Hills station; get train into city; spend money on books that I might never read but will look exceptionally impressive on my bookshelf/future library; finally step foot on the University of Sydney’s hallowed ground – cue feelings of self-importance, a growing ego, and condescending thoughts about various economic classes of society well beneath me;

11:30am: Meet up with my tertiary mentor for prac. (coincidentally, my favourite educator in that God-forsaken institute) to give her my timetable for the next 4 weeks and 2 days; discuss various matters pertaining to prac.; likely accept an offer she will make to have dinner at her house (with her kids and husband – nothing dodgey) some time through prac.; thank her for the great work she did through the time I had her;

12:30pm: Take the DVD of Crash to work to lend to a co-worker; have lunch (likely a chicken snitzel burger); hit golf balls on the driving range for 45 minutes to an hour; converse with my boss about the business of the course, some ideas I have had, the person we fired through the week, and finish the administration stuff about when I got beat up by a customer (two weekends ago); talk to the owner’s daughter about her father marching in the ANZAC parade, her husband’s parents birthday party, and general business; talk to kitchen and bar staff about job performance and reviews, impending turnover, and feedback they have;

Up to 3pm: Prepare lessons for year 8, 9, and 11 English for prac.; change clothes, freshen up for …

3:30pm: Pick up friend, drive to Macquarie University for a seminar she is attending for jobs her degree (in international studies – working in the foreign affairs department, in embassies and consulates, for the UN, World Bank, WHO, etc.) can  get her into; listen to seminar with a high level of jealousy and envy, imagining this is what I wish I were doing instead of an education degree;

Undetermined time: Leave Macquarie University; casually suggest that my friend and I get dinner for the ease; pray to God that he isn’t busy answering someone else’s wishes; regretfully drop my friend at their home; get on the computer, check Facebook, various news and politics sights, blogs; come to my own blog and try and write a post.

That is about it.



5 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. I am intrigued by some of this. Just so long as your friend isn’t married? Delete this comment if you find it in bad taste…

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