Yesterday turned out to be an exceptionally average (at least by blogging standards) day. CityRail wasn’t horrible and my train had no one I could complain about. My trip into university was completely successful – though I could complain about the reason I had to go in for in the first place. I got lunch without hassle, and hit a bucket of balls on the range rather well. I drove my friend to Macquarie University, where we sat through a talk about various jobs she (and some that I) could get. I had a rather good time with my friend – which in itself is a surprise, though not really blog-worthy (or blogable). The rest of the night was filled with Facebook, reading blogs and sites, and then preparing for prac. that starts tomorrow.

Sorry folks, nothing exciting to talk about. I’ll blog about prac. though – I’m sure that will have something to talk about.



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