Sydney University …..

….. is the greatest money making scheme ever invented. Screw that place. It should be outlawed. What a joke – the way it’s run, the structure of their degrees, all the way down to ….. well ….. everything!

Received bad news regarding my degree: I have to do all of next year, as well as two Arts subjects next semester. Which means I’m rooted for time, in regards for honours. Two senior Arts subjects (so nothing like those bludgey first year ones) and an education subject and honours (research and writing). Sure, it’s the average load for anyone else in my degree, and sure, I only have to do 2 Arts subjects semester 2 next year while everyone else is doing 4 but damn it I don’t want to!

I’m going to be pissed off about this for a very long time.

I pity the next student who mucks up in my class.



8 thoughts on “Sydney University …..

  1. Bugger!! Time to join the Ombudsman’s tour of Australia’s regional universities!!

    A new slogan for that place:
    Sandstone universities, stuck in the past….

  2. Oh please, UNE is bankrupt and will have to merge with CSU before long.

    Sandstone Universities: We were universities before Keating was PM.

  3. Hey, rabbit. UNE is not in fact bankrupt and is a blodoy better place than the sandstone unis or their later cousins like UNSW. Just a prejudice of course, but not one without evidence.

  4. It could be worse. I drove past UWS C’town today and saw the academics selling cakes… I picked up a decent sponge for $4, which should keep the new medical school in band-aids for a week or two.

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