I hate most of all …..

….. year 8. I hate them so much. Throughtoday’s “lesson” (if you could even call it that) I hoped that a majority of these kids would contract some illness that would keep them from school for the next three weeks.

And that was at the beginning of the lesson.



6 thoughts on “I hate most of all …..

  1. Ah the process of moving from uni student to teacher is filled with thoughts such as these. They will continue until you retire.

  2. Don’t worry too much. Such thoughts are actually quite normal. Remember, one of my former principals considered slitting his wrists after a parent meeting, let alone teaching their children. I remember lessons at my first school where the kids walked all over me. However, teaching is full of swings and round-a-bouts, meaning you are likely to get a better lesson next time.

    Don’t give up…

  3. A poetic response from D H Lawrence.

    When will the bell ring, and end this weariness?
    How long have they tugged the leash, and strained apart,
    My pack of unruly hounds! I cannot start
    Them again on a quarry of knowledge they hate to hunt,
    I can haul them and urge them no more…

    But as Ombudsman says, “swings and roundabouts”.

  4. You are all 100% correct. While I still don’t particularly like the cohort, and even after it took the head teacher and then my supervisor to come in in consecutive days and lambast the group for their behaviour recently, they have settled a fair bit and the past two lessons havebeen reasonable.

    Can’t particularly blame the kids though – they have clearly learnt the content from this unit in the first few weeks (before I had them), have already been examined and tested on it, and now are a holding pattern while the staff figure out what the next unit is for them. I just get stuck making them do work.

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