Cricket 1

I watched the news all day with expectations of something interesting with this whole Ute-gate thing (again, I hate the -gate suffix thing).

Nothing did happen.

So instead I will blog about something that didn’t even appear once in the headlines today: The Twenty20 World Cup final.

Do you know who was in the final? Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

Do you know who won? Pakistan.

Quite deserving, at the end of the day. They played good, and they found form at the right time. Sri Lanka too.

Pakistan team, if their Twenty20 team is anything to go by, have a lot of potential in the future. Very young, and a lot of raw and unrefined talent there. There was a 17 year old who had the best bowling performance over the whole tournament. And there’s a good mix of experienced players in there – Shaid Afridi is the first name that springs to mind (mainly because he is the best all-rounder in the world at the moment).

The Ashes is very soon. Looking forward to it more now, though I still hold little by ways of expectations for it. Drawn series I maintain. Our team is in a slump (and that’s not judging it by the Twenty20 performance). England is suffering from an ill-timed ‘renewal’. There’s a good chance less than even half the team they field the first day played in the last Ashes series, and maybe only a couple will have played in their winning series. None of them are in great form – that’s if any of them are in any form.

I’m going to be blogging about cricket for the next few posts I think. So I won’t put all my material into this one.



2 thoughts on “Cricket 1

  1. I’m notoriously bad at picking winners for tournaments. But Spain, if they play to their potential, are up there. If they don’t, Netherlands?

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