The Self Destruction of Mark Sanford

From November 2008 to two weeks ago South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford was touted as a good chance of becoming  the 2012 Republican presidential nominee. He had little to do with Washington, was young, very conservative but not to the point that it turned voters off, had executive experience, andd was able to craft a message that people listened to.

December 08, Sandford conducted a world tour that saw him spend $21,000+ of tax payer money going to places like China, Brazil, and Argentina.

Last Thursday, Sanford got in his car and left his home. He was totally off the radar from his office and from his family for the next 6 days. No one could find him. No one could say where he was.Literally, the press asked his staff, and then his wife, where he wasn, and no one could say. Panic errupted about who was in charge, and if something might have happened, in S.C.

On Monday, his staff released an “official” statement saying that Sanford was hiking on the Appalachian Trail. Staff claim they knew all along – but that he would be checking in infrequently (I guess infrequent means not once in 5 days). Wife confirms that he missed Father’s Day – a regular PR opportunity.

Tuesday, bloggers begin to report that Monday, Father’s Day, is actually Naked Hiking Day on the Appalachian Trail. Rumours begin to circulate regarding this. Wife still has not heard from Sanford. Later in  the day, his car was found at the Columbia International Airport with all his hiking gear still in it – everyone forgets the day’s earlier news for this.

Wednesday a reporter from The State (a local paper) reported seeing Sanford get off an international flight from Argentina in Atlanta. A couple of hours later, his staff said that he would be having a press conference.

3pm local time, Sanford admitted to having an affair with an Argentinian woman (Maria).

3:01pm local time, Sanford is political poison.



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