That is the course mark for one of my subjects (Teaching English 3): 100.

My previous record was 99. Pales in comparison.

I feel the need to brag. Ideally it would be in  the company of uni studentswho did not get full marks on all of thier assignments.

But I don’t hang around uni students. They are idiots.

Plus, none of them listen to me for longer than 15 seconds.



7 thoughts on “100

  1. Well done Thomas!!! Alas I can’t remember I best uni mark. It was such a long time ago. It was not, however, 100.

  2. Congratulations on this! I believe my highest was around 95, but I have no idea what subject this was for. Perhaps Media Law. I don’t think you’ll have any trouble finding a job next year!

  3. Well done, Thomas. I did achieve 100% once in an essay on the causes of the First World War. This was in early secondary school. I have noy done so since!

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