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Progressively getting my uni results in. Turns out I’ve got 100% on 4 of my assignments that I’ve handed in through last semester. Three were for my English curriculum subject, and another was for my history curriculum subject. I don’t expect I’ve got a similar 100 for my History curriculum subject like my English, but it should be up there.



4 thoughts on “More uni

  1. My ‘secret’ used to be, simply, write what the teachers specifically said they believed. So, if a teacher was saying “2 + 2 = 5” I’d write that and get good marks.

    Recently though, and certainly for the past semester, I took note of their ‘personal’ messages, not the ‘big’ messages they were speaking about. For English, my marker made the comment that picture books were used ineffectively in English subjects. Then, in a personal conversation with them when I tried to clarify the point with them, they said “picture books and especially comic books”. I thought if they went to the trouble to restate the point, add additional information, and then emphasise that additional information above and beyond the original point, then this might be something they feel passionately about.

    So I did a presentation on graphic novels, designed a reading unit for disengaged readers of both genders in year 11 around graphic novels, and then wrote a reflective journal about various things I thought about the genre. All got full marks.

    As for history, it was a very simple comment. I had to give a presentation about a self-chosen form of assessment for Modern History. I chose a media file for Part IV: International Studies of Peace and Conflict, with option F: The Cold War. We had covered this topic briefly last year, and the tutor said “Unfortunately, most schools and students emphasise an American-centric approach and neglect all the other countries and viewpoints involved”. And then, this year, when we touched on the topic again, they made a similar comment.

    So when it came to presentation and submission, I had one US primary source, two Russian, one Chinese, one West German one East German, one Australian, and one Polish. The other 5 people submitting and presenting had 4 US and 4 Russian (at best). I ended up being the only person to get the full marks specifically because of the diversity.

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