Watched Wimbledon from start to finish over the past two weeks. There were some brilliant displays of tennis – though the final wasn’t exactly a clinic. Exciting, but certainly Roger Federer wasn’t on his best game. Andy Roddick was playing better than I – even himself – have ever seen him play. I almost wanted him to win: I can’t see Roddick staying in this purple patch for much longer. And when he slips back, I suspect he will be lost to the game of tennis. So, in a sense, I thought this might be his last chance to win a grand slam and I almost wanted him to win out against Federer.

Then again, I’m a huge fan of Federer.

I think Federer was thrown off his game last night by the size of the match: for the championship, for the #1 place in the world (first time anyone has re-claimed that position), the most career grand slams, and pretty much the title of greatest player ever. There were a lot of moments where he made mistakes where he normally wouldn’t. Or maybe it’s that he has just past his peak. While he’s still better than 95% of the people out there, he isn’t better than 100%.

It’s the same sort of story with Tiger Woods. The toll that playing like Tiger Woods has taken on his own body has seen him recently  get a knee reconstruction. Coming off a long break and that opperation, one would expect him to be a bit rusty. But maybe he needed to wear his knee out in order to play as good as he did (such are the mechanics of golf), and now that he has ruined his knee, he can’t ever be as good as he once was. Again, he’s better than 95% of the people out there on an average day. But now there’s room for others to show what they’re made off.



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  1. I agree. Even though I was going for Federer I actually swayed to Roddick’s side after seeing how much he put in and how good he was playing. You get the feeling that even though Roger isn’t at his best he will win more grand slams while that could have been Andy’s last real opportunity. Oh well, it was still good to see him get number 15 and become the most successful in grand slam history.

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