In 1998

‘In 1998 I’ is a trending topic on Twitter tonight; a trending topic being a repeated phrase or word across the Twitter-scape.

In 1998, I was in year 6; turned 12; was awarded dux of my year; went to the United States for 3 weeks; got accepted into two high schools; was playing cricket for my local club and school; went to see the Sydney Ashes test and sat in the member’s pavillion; had watched my parents build our new house; lived with my grandparents for 6 months; got our dog; was going to maths tutoring and doing year 8 level work; had never written an essay; had four adult teeth removed; had just got braces; was obsessed with Pokemon (absolutely obsessed); wanted to be a paleontologist; knew how to play 500, and play well; had never played golf; had no idea about politics.

How things change.



7 thoughts on “In 1998

  1. In 1954 I was in Year 6 and the Queen visited Australia. I had been accepted into one high school (SBHS) and still wanted to be a zoologist. No-one had tutoring. Most of my classmates didn’t have shoes. I knew who the Shire President (as they called the Mayor then) was, and who the PM was — easy, Mr Menzies. I had never seen TV. I had two dogs. I was also dux of the year. I had never written and essay, but had written a novel!

    How things change!

  2. In 1998, I was in year 6; turned 12; got into a high school due to my brother going there; had never written an essay; went to the dentist for the last time (yeah…) ; was also obsessed with Pokemon (owned 4 versions of the game, pokedex book and bought a link cable for game boy purely for this reason); wanted to be a musician; knew how to play poker, better than others my age; had never played 500; was KING of UNO; had no idea about politics (some believe i still don’t); had never heard of Leonard Cohen, Rufus Wainwright, KISS or H.I.M; It was still real to me damnit…

    and more i don’t really feel like sharing

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