I’m 95% certain that I won’t be traveling overseas this year. Next year, I am booked in to go to Hong Kong and China in February, trying to arrange another month-long tour of the US and Canada in June/July with Andrew, trying to arrange a trip to Vietnam with one of my work colleagues (the chef, who comes from Vietnam), and then hope to go back to the US, to Vegas, for New Years with the Sojourn Group (the group, I honestly suspect, will be the Ombudsman, Mr. Rabbit and myself). I am keeping an eye on costs, though the primary thing detering me from going anywhere with what’s left with the year is time. I definitely can’t go anywhere until honours is done and dusted, which is around my birthday (I think the 16th?). Then there is a month’s break before exams and final assessments are due. Then I have November and December. The last week of November and the whole of December are ridiculously busy at work, so I have a very small gap if I wanted to go anywhere.

Or take time off work. But then how will I pay for all those other holidays should they all fall into place?



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