Random comment

Michelle Bachmann, congresswoman from Minnesota, said this about how Republicans will stop health care reform in the US:

That’s really where this battle will be won — on our knees in prayer and fasting.

So the real thing going on here is whether God wants to US to have universal health care or not.

If it turns out that God doesn’t want the US to have health care for all, every country that has some form of it is, in fact, living in a state of sin and they’re all going to hell. That would include Australia I imagine. But Saudi Arabia is fine.

But if God does want health care for the US, every Republican who votes against the bill is going to hell, anyone who opposed it – who, funnily enough, are from the right and are often God-fearing folks – is going to hell. I wonder if that works retrospecively too; have Americans who haven’t lived with health care (going with the idea that God does want it) gone to hell? Have the people who have shilled out for private coverage looking down on us all?

And fasting? By not eating, you’re going to stop a bill? By the time it is stopped or passed, you’ll need the coverage to admit yourself into hospital. Not for being malnourished, but to get that lump of stupid cut out of your brain!

Some people ….. seriously.



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