I am excited about getting David Plouffe’s new book The Audacity to Win. There’s extracts being put up across the internet about why Clinton was not chosen as VP (Said Obama: “I think Bill may be too big a complication. If I picked her, my concern is that there would be more than two of us in the relationship.” (refering to Bill)), Obama’s thoughts on the Palin pick (“When voters step back and analyze how he made this decision, I think he’s going to be in big trouble. You just can’t wing something like this — it’s too important.”) and the process of picking Biden as the Dem VP (“couldn’t get a word in edgewise” at the first meeting).

Can’t hardly wait!



3 thoughts on “Excited

  1. Shouldn’t that be “Can hardly wait!”? (Love being a pedant from time to time and inspecting other people’s fleas. ;))

  2. I cannot hardly wait. I am beyond “hardly waiting” and have purchased the book. Thus, no longer hardly waiting to buy the book.

    Does that fly?

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