Gainful employment

Work is getting busy again. On Friday night we had a function of some 220 people. The top boss was away, so your’s truly was left in charge. I laid the law down (much to the chagrin of the head chef who might have normally be left in charge). I was boss for the night because the kitchen staff was going to be nose to the grind for a solid 3 hours churning out food and the floor operations would make or break this function. I gave staff their roles, and then located myself behind our tiny bar for the next 6 hours getting drinks out. All-in-all the function went off without a hitch; there were a couple of times where we could have lost it all, but cool heads prevailed. I gave myself a bit pat on teh back when I finally got hom near enough to 2am.

Then today we had a function booked for 120, but it cleared 150. A presentation of some type, which should have gone down as one of the easiest we had ever had. But parents of children aged 3-8, for the most part, I have come to see are among the stupidest persons on the face of the Earth. The event was further complicated by the fact that the presenters were giving out some 200-300 free drinks tickets (we were preparing for 50-100) to all the snotty kids that got a trophy (event those lame “participation” (should read: you failed, but here’s a piece of paper) and they all decided to come up at once with the parents who also wanted a drink. And then all 150 decided to camp out the front of the kitchen so that none of the floor staff could take two steps from teh counters before they were swamped. Cheapskate parents were stuffing thier kids with food so they wouldn’t have to feed them (or spend money on them) at some point tonight.


It was a bit of a stuff-up, today’s function. It could have been much worse, but it wasn’t the best effort. I would like to point out that my boss was in and running things for this one. I would also hope he goes and compares his efforts (lame) to my efforts (quite possibly the greatest function ever put on) and decide to give me a huge Christmas bonus. Or at least let me keep the bottle of Johnny Blue that was left at our place over the weekend (really, about ~$300 of whiskey, or ~$40-50 a shot if we sell it).

Exams next week: one take-home and one formal. Haven’t read the books for the take-home English one (but, as it is a take-home, that’s why I haven’t really tried to read them. Also, they are disturbing and offend me (really), and I have made a bit of a personal call to not read them). Have done a little bit of study for my formal history one, but that’s what most of tonight and tomorrow night will be about. I’m just shy of passing the subjects at the moment and after the last year, to be honest, I’m not fussed about my marks.

After all, I’ve done an honours thesis.

Also, the House in the US voted to pass the healthcare bill that was presented to it overnight. Big news, but nothing that I can really report here without trying to rehash 6 months of policy making. The senate bill will emerge soon-ish. That’s where some fireworks will come out – trying to get 60 votes to limit debate and then the vote. But the real fun will be when both chambers have to merge the bills. That’s a post I will probably write through next week.



2 thoughts on “Gainful employment

  1. These awful Janette Turner Hospital books. Postmodern texts I can handle, but the content is pathetic and the style is so mediocre. The Last Magician, in particular, is the worse of the two (the other being Charades).

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