Visit to the doctors

Went to the doctors today to get some shots for the upcoming trip to Malaysia. I initially went for the Swine flu shot and ended up getting one for Hep A and a set of tablets for Typhoid. I nearly got the Typhoid shot, but as I had got an injection in either arm, the doctor just gave me a script for the tablets. Well enough, I thought. Though I now have to remember to take 3 tablets over 3 alternate days. The chances of me forgetting are around at least one of them is around 70-80%. I nearly got a tetanus shot, but he figured I could wait longer. I suspect I’ll get it in 6 months time when I have to go back for the follow up Hep A shot.

I’m always nervous around my doctor. He obviously learnt the 7 second rule (stay silent for 7 seconds and someone is bound to break the silence for you), and when he asks me a question and I give him a short, one-word answer that isn’t quite to his liking he just waits. And waits. And waits until I crack and just ramble on like an idiot.

He probably also makes me nervous because he is the only man who could ask me to take off my pants and I would, being a doctor and all.

I got to the place roughly 10 minutes late knowing that it’s never on time. A guy rushed in some 15 minutes after me and asked how long until he would be seen (even with his booking). The secretary (or whatever her title is) ingeniously said “There’s one in there, and one waiting, and then you.” The guy was very pleased, obviously thinking he would be in soon, and sat down. I was the guy waiting. I waited probably another 15 minutes, and my appointment easily took 20 minutes. So this guy waited for the most part of 40 minutes before he got in. He looked pretty irate when I walked out. I was pleased that I had wasted this guy’s time. He looked like a douche.




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