Ruminations on the Rudd government

It’s a strange thing, how the brain works.

Without having said a single word to steal the headlines from the Liberals’ infighting, my respect and regard for the Rudd government has shot through the roof.

I’m not afraid to say that I was a huge fan of Rudd in the 2007 election, and for the first year, he had a great checklist as I saw it. I wasn’t disappointed, but I had nothing to maintain my prior excitement so it naturally fell off. But the past few months, what with the ETS unveiling, vote-down, and negotiations, lagging in some areas, no progress in others, I had become a bit critical of Rudd. Probably good, as I wouldn’t still be a blind zealot. But I was getting a bit down on him.

But I think about the government now, and I’m back to admiring them on 2007 levels. And they’ve done nothing. The Liberals are slowly killing themselves and Labor, smartly, are just stepping back and keeping quiet. The perfect political move. The next NewsPoll won’t just show a plummet in the preference for the Coalition and Turnbull, but I feel that it will also show big gains for Labor and Rudd, rather than undecided growth.

It certainly would pay for someone to investigate the whole psychology of why one party can implode and that they turn into gains for the opposing party. It happened in 2007 when Howard & Co. were in August discussing a change in leadership, and it happened all through Howard’s reign as Labor couldn’t get their act together. I want to know what it doesn’t eventuate that a party shoots itself and that just increases undecideds.

Someone probably has looked into it, and I’m just too lazy to go find it. But I just find it interesting.



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