Last words

I have a massive shift at work tomorrow. It says 12.5 hours, but it’s actually 11am start and a 1-2am finish. So probably going to nudge 15 hours if I don’t take a break. I’ll shoot for it, because I’m just that good.

But the title references not my shift at work but that I leave for Malaysia on Saturday in the afternoon. Considering I’ve done no packing as of yet, and won’t do any tomorrow before work, I guess all my free time on Saturday will be taken up with that, rather than blogging.

So, these is the last blog post until the 12th, though more likely the 14th. I land in the morning on the 12th and have made myself available to work. And I will definitely be working the Sunday, where our staff Christmas party is also on in the evening. So Monday I’ll be able to provide a post as to my condition.

All the best to everyone.



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