Gun rights around the world

Simple question: If citizens of the United States have a right to ‘bear arms’, is this a right that everyone around the world should have? If so, would it have created a better world? If not, why is the United States in the unique position to have this right?

The United States’ government and talking heads often talk about taking international action to spread democracy. The right to own guns is a fundamental democratic right for the majority of Americans. So it would stand to reason that they would be in support of universal (see: the whole world) gun ownership, yes?

Me, I don’t think anyone should have guns other than police, the armed forces, and certain security personnel. Anything else is above and beyond, and asking for trouble. I imagine that many a response to the previous questions, from the a-typical American (who supports gun rights) would be something like this:

American: Yes, everyone should have a right to own a gun, and it would make a better world.

Me: Even Iraqis? Afghanis? All 1 billion Chinese persons? Palestinians?

American: Well ….. no, not them.

Me: Why not?

American: Because they can’t be trusted. They are dangerous.

Past that point, the discussion could evolve into a range of discussions. But that’s what I would expect.



3 thoughts on “Gun rights around the world

  1. Gun activists claim that they have a right to defend themselves. Since we have so many school shootings, then I suppose we should give every middle-schooler a .45 automatic.

  2. Yes, it would stand to figure that *everyone* has a right to defend themselves. If that’s so, everyone should carry a gun at all times. Of course, common sense would tell you that wouldn’t lead to *less* shootings in the US. Or anywhere really.

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