Exploring Tumblr

I’ve been looking at Tumblr for a while now. It’s grown quite a bit. I am thinking that this blog might be better served over there. It is more of a combination of blog, Twitter, Facebook, and the various other social networking tools that I use. In a sense, it would combine all those things that actually keep me away from blogging. However, it would likely change the nature of the blog in a very big way. As it is a drawing together of social networking sites, I imagine it would take on a bit of a personal theme with less references to politics and serious posts that (seldom anyway) appear here.

It might be that I start up a Tumblr anyway and maintain this blog. If I did that though, the Tumblr would be far more used and active than this (regrettably). I will have to weigh my options moving forward.



3 thoughts on “Exploring Tumblr

  1. I’ll be staying here with my two ongoing blogs, though I am using Twitter and Facebook much more than I used to. Intrigued by this Tumblr thing though. Wonder if it might have some use for me after all? If so, I think either FB or Twitter or both would go…

  2. In exploring Tumblr, I have discovered that you can update Twitter directly from Tumblr, without having to go to twitter.com, as well as Tweet posting notifications from Tumblr to Twitter about new posts. Also, you can send updates of new posts to FB. I am seeing a sort of consolidating potential with Tumblr the more I explore.

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