More updates

Time to think about schools I want to teach at. The program is up and running and I have to start making some decisions. I have come to think, and will compile my first list with this frame of mind, in teaching rural. Very rural. At the moment, I’ve just organised schools by the TEPS benefits that are associated (yes, that is the primary factor regarding my school choice at the moment, with a real want to move out of home as soon as possible being my second factor), and am working from the top. Moree, Deniliquin, Bourke, Broken Hill, Dubbo are all 18 point areas and head my draft list. I’ll have to look a bit more specifically, I think. But as I stand now, I want to head far away from Sydney.

The fun part (sarcastic) of all this will be telling my parents. I don’t expect my father to react in any way negatively. I think he will be all for it. But my mother is going to be a toss-up. She’s likely to overreact as much as underreact. Should be interesting.



4 thoughts on “More updates

  1. There is a little school in Menindee that I have heard interesting things about. I believe it is near Broken Hill, a sleepy little town established on the Darling River. Apparently, the principal is simply known as Briiian!

  2. You know, I too have heard things about this ‘Menindee’. So much so that it is even on my list. I would be interested to meet this Briiiiian.

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