Vendetta List #1

I’m a very vengeful person, and hold a grudge for a long time. Probably my top three ‘things’ in life are (in order): US politics, arguing, and stewing. Not cooking (I can’t – unless it involves a microwave). Stewing in my own emotions. And, because I generally don’t seek out or ‘obtain’ ‘good’ emotions, I stew in all sorts of ‘bad’ emotions. Like hating people, or thinking of ways to seek revenge on people who have ‘wronged’ me (they probably didn’t, but I think they did), or just getting irrate at what people do. So I’m starting a series of posts on this.

I am, however, somewhat sensitive to this day and age , and people Googling themselves. So I’ll change th enames around.

The first one I’m going to start with is a relative new one. It happened, oh, maybe 17 years ago? I’m sure I was in Year 1 of school. So, yeah, 17 years ago. Playing in the playground through lunch, perhaps recess (I’m a little sketchy for details here), there was a giant snakes and ladders board painted onto the ground. We, the students, would alternatively take turns to be pieces on the board or the tossers of rocks onto the painted dice to move the piece.

On this particular day I was a ice. The day was nice – Spring or Summer. I have a feeling that it was Spring as this happened near to my birthday. I think I was around the 70’s, definitely on the lefthand side of the board. I can’t quite recall who was the stone thrower, but they threw the stone anyway. It wasn’t my turn to move, rather this other student from my year – William Norris. And whatever his tosser threw landed him on my square.

Now when I say that it was a giant snakes and ladder board, it was big. And could easily fit in two primary school kids in a square (for primary school kids fit a dozen to a shopping bag). William came towards my square and on that particular day I did not feeling like sharing my square. So I refused to move, naturally. I’m not the most imposing of people even now, but in primary school I was rather short. In fact I was rather short through high school. And after school (I’m seeing a trend here). So my efforts to hold the square were going to come up short (pun intended) anyway.

But what happens next is why William is on my vendetta list. He shoved me, and shoved me good. I went sprawling over the ground, fell over and went down face-first. My forehead met the asphalt ground and the blood started. I had a huge scrape across my forehead with rocks and stuff stuck in it. Probably I cried (I got emotional at a YouTube video this evening, so it wouldn’t surprise me if that set me off when I was 5 years old).

After that I remember being carted off to the ‘sick bay’ – a tanning bed out the front of the office. My teacher checked on me, and eventually my mother arrived to do the same. My mother was frantic – a veteran over-reactor for a line of over-reactors. Someone had tried to clean out the gash, but I’m guessing they weren’t about to put their neck on the block by doing some harm and having to cop it from a mother. I was bundled up and taken home where mother cleaned me up and applied her treatment to all ailments: lay in a bed, blinds drawn, door closed so it’s dark, with a cool towel over your forehead. I’m sure she’d treat a severed arm the same way.

After this I developed what was know as ‘the egg’. As everyone probably knows, when you bang your head, it swells up. Well my scrape swelled up to this rather large, annoying, and painful lump on my forehead. I couldn’t wear a hat (and these were the starting days of ‘slip slop slap’ – so no hat, no play) and it hurt to do just about anything. I also remember copping it from my family who thought it good sport to tease me about it – particularly my father and his step-father.

Anyway, for all this, William Norris made the list. For the resulting physical and mental anguish, the embarrassment I would suffer, and for any skin cancer I might develop for not having been able to wear a hat for a fortnight. My wish is that his punishment come in the form of a broken nose after either tripping up a flight of stairs or walking into a glass door that he thought was open. The punishment I think is fitting because it was only a part contribution to later problems I would have with my family . The next part of this series is going to have a much more savage punishment for the crime as it really affected the way I would grow up.



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