An exchange I had in year 7 today

“Sir, what music do you listen to?”

“I listen to good music.”

“No, but sir, I mean who do you like the most?”

“I quite like Elvis Presley.”

“Sir, he’s too old. Who else?”

“Roy Orbison.”


“He was around the same time as Elvis.”

“What about, like, new people?”

“You mean modern bands and modern music?”

“Yes! Why do you like old musicians?”

“Because modern music today is bad. It’s like a consumable: Made one day in a factory, put on a shelf, has an expirery date. You go and buy it, you enjoy it for as long as it lasts – a few months to a year usually, but never longer – and then you throw it away. You go back to the store and buy a new song. It’s as if songs these days have an experation date, and they all die off after that. Gone are the days when a musician was remembered for their music years and years after they had finished their careers, and not for their personal lives. It seems now that I know more about the personal lives of singers than I do their music. I know more about Britney Spears’ personal breakdown than I do her music. Modern music, for the majority of it, is just bad.”

“Oh … so do you liek Justin Beiber?”



4 thoughts on “An exchange I had in year 7 today

  1. I always answer this oft-asked question by saying “I like everything…”. When they ask “do you like Justin Beiber?”, I say “of course…he is absolutely fantastic”. I then wait a couple of seconds to see if they have detected the sarcasm – often, they have not.

  2. did they really listen to you saying all of that? did it eat up time when you could have been setting them homework? don’t imagine that your interlocutor was really interested in your opinions other than as a means of diverting you from more onerous topics….

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