Just some bits that have happened recently. Some of this has appeared on Twitter, so appologies for teh double-up for the people who follow me there and here.

–  I am house-sitting in Rozelle/Balmain until the 17th. I thought it would (among other things) give me a heads up about what it might be to live on my own. Initial results have been unexpected.

– I have been accepted/asked to present at the English Teachers’ Association Annual Conference in October. I will be presenting with another person from my degree. We both got very good marks last year for our English curriculum subject last year (you may recall that I achieved 100), and both (separately) did the topic of graphic novels for our project and presentation. While I did graphic novels and used 3 Batman issues (as Batman was all teh rage with kids at the time), the other person did a genre of graphic novels (Westerns). So we had the idea to team up – last year – to present on this. But we were both doing honours at the time, so didn’t bother. As we’re now freed with regards to time, we decided to try and get something together for this conference. As I said, we were accepted and now have to sort out what we’re doing. This is exciting, double when I think about how it would look on a resume.

– Today at work, Daniel Mortimer (an NRL player) was playing golf with a charity thing. John Eales (successful rugby union player for Australia) has been there before. I didn’t know either before they arrived, or when they were speaking to me.

– I am trying to get back in to golf. If I wasn’t out here, I’d be at the golf course each day. I will be playing in a championship round with my father. This will either be successful or a miserable failure.

– I have been following the soccer keenly. I am looking forward to the semis and finals starting tomorrow morning. I still think Netherlands are a good bet.

– While I am pleased that Gillard is the new PM, I still have a soft spot of Kevin and didn’t agree with the way he was taken out. However, I believe I have moved away from my super-pro-Kevin view that I held in 2007 and am more of a pro-ALP person. So whatever the party needs to do to stay in power has my thumbs up.

– My habits during these holidays, as I have observed, are self-destructive.

– I have completed my longest and last internship. Actually, I finished it a little over a week ago. It was enjoyable (if less educational in terms of things I learned compared to previous pracs). I must have done something good, because the staff there have asked me back. I will be teaching in place of a teacher who is on leave for the first three weeks of next term, then again when she is off during the HSC. Similarly, a staff member has had to leave the school and the head teacher will discuss with me if it is possible to take this person’s place all the way to the end of the year.

– I have added a number of Sydney schools to my list of location preferences with the DET. So I will be very rural or very nearby to home. I may write up a new map, but with a focus on Sydney suburbs.

– The frequency at which I check news and politics sites has absolutely killed my long-term interest in US politics.



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