This is preparation (of sorts) for a blog post I will write in the very near future. I won’t give the topic away explicitly here, but a cluey person might be able to guess what the topic will be just by reading this.

This is, generally, how I approach a government policy to determine my approval or disapproval and what my personal approach would be to the ‘issue’.

  • I support ‘big government’ and the principles that such a title is associated with. I probably believe in a bigger ‘big government’ than you would believe;
  • Related to this, I don’t believe people/citizens/etc. know what is best for them in all instances;
  • From this, I think that majority rule should apply to all situations;
  • I also believe that because people don’t know what’s ‘best’ for them, they often do not know what is ‘best’ for the country and what is ‘best’ for the future of the country in which they live;
  • I have faith in the democratic system and in the rule of parliament and that a government that doesn’t govern well (and in the best interest of a country) will be voted out of office given the opportunity;
  • I do not believe that the Australian population will ever vote in a tyrannical government or a dictatorship in a proper and true form (ie. ‘Obama is a dictator because he brought im compulsory health care’ is not a true form);
  • I believe social policy exists to protect people as much as it is to empower them with supposed ‘freedoms’;
  • When I sit down and look at the pro’s and con’s, I end up not supporting a Bill of Rights, but;
  • I have strong faith in the rule of law;
  • I believe the policies pertaining to the regulation of highly specific and technical areas of society require deep thought, rumination, and a vast degree of well thought-out opinion.

With that said, I will start to cobble together my next post and try and get it up through today.



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