Real life stuff

Today is what I would probably classify as a real day of teaching. I had a half-hour break for the whole day, and was on class right up to the end of the day. By that time, I hardly cared about what the students were doing so long as they weren’t assaulting each other. A triple year 11 class was rather enjoyable though, but probably the source of intellectual exhaustion. They squeeze the teacher for every last drop they can get out of them and, in handing out an assessment task today, they were wringing me dry. But enjoyable nonetheless.



One thought on “Real life stuff

  1. Yes, welcome to the post-prac world where 30 periods a week is the norm! It leaves you exhausted. Remember the days when you had so much time that you could personally handcraft each lesson so they were pedagogically perfect? Alas, no more! I hope you continue to enjoy the experience!

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