Unpopular politics

I wholeheartedly agree with the rhetoric out there that this political campaign here has descended into the abyss. Neither party even inspires me to go and vote for someone not squabbling in the mud. I want a party to come out and discuss serious and (dare I say it) unpopular policies. I would vote for any party that:

  • Proposed a 5% increase (temporary or permanent) in the GST (thus raising an extra $15 billion dollars a year, majority of which comes from big business)
  • Proposed a place and would begin construction on a second NSW airport with international capacities
  • Promised to start building a number of nuclear power plants
  • Reformed the whole notion and process of foreign aid and development
  • Reformed the uses and capabilities of the defense forces

I used to have more weird stuff that I was in favour of. If I remember it, I’ll add to the list. But you wouldn’t ever catch a party talk about this stuff because it’s not popular. They won’t even discuss merits of some of the things out there because it evokes an immediate backlash.

I wish people here weren’t so blind and could think critically about their country, not just hype.



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