Going on a holiday in the coming school  holidays. I had intended to go on one after university finished up for some of December. However, I have a full-time casual teaching job lined up for the whole of fourth term, meaning that the only time I would be able to travle would be in January. Yet I can’t commit to anything in January incase I find myself with a full-time appointment to a country school next year. Thus, the moving up of the holiday.

I will go to Hong Kong for three days (to take advantage of a friend I have through work who is able to bump me up grades with a certain carrier, as well as the shopping and what-not there) then fly down to Hanoi in Vietnam for 8 days. I really want to see Ha Long Bay in the north, as well as some of the historical sites that they have in the city. Other than that, I’m unsure what I’ll get up to. Maybe try and get a trip down to Ho Chi Minh city or something.

I’m headed out on the 25th of September (a Saturday) and will get back on the 6th of October (a Thursday). When I get back, I will arrive at ~9am. Inspired by Mr. Rabbit, I will go from airport to home, then straight into uni so that I don’t miss my classes for the day. Thankfully jetlag will be a non-factor, unlike the laudable Mr. Rabbit.



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