Last round of the golf tournament I have been in for the past 6 weeks was today. It’s a 4 x 2 man teams from 4 courses that play each other. My partner and I won 4 weeks, lost 1 week, and drew 1 week. While we won our round today, our overall team lost. If we had drawn or won, we would have advanced to the next round. Alas, we were beaten by 2 points because we lost – an extremely close advance margin.

I am bummed that we didn’t go through. I rarely play, and this allowed me to get time off work Sundays to both relax and play golf. I had also sprung for a new putter (which was more than half what my yearly car insurance policy is) and I was just starting to get the feeling of it. Additionally, with regular playing, I was starting to get back into form. I was striking the ball quite well off the deck, though my tee shots could get sprayed.

It was also an experience to play other courses. Generally, I play at my home course and my friend’s home course and that’s it (if I ever find time to play anyway). This time, I played 3 courses I had never played – one of which is a bit of a fight to get on to if you’re not a member. So that part was good.

I am really itching to play now. I think I might finally have to bite the bullet and designate Sunday as a day of rest (that is, not working) for me. I have never done that before, had a designated day off. But 7 days a week working for the past … half year (or there abouts) has actually started to get on my nerves. Not the money part, I like that. But having to put up with stupidity for 7 days a week in some shape or form is unbearable. And while there’s shining moments at school when a kid gets it, or I have faith that a handful of kids will succeed at life, there is very, VERY, little of that at the golf course.

Seriously, some of the stories from there …



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