This is former Governor George Parks, relaxing during his leisure time. He was Alaska’s first resident governor. He served in the military during World War One (pictured in his field tent) and various government positions prior to becoming governor. He sereved two full terms. Other jobs: miner, engineer, mapper, exectuive, banker.


This is former Governor Sarah Palin in the harsh wilderness of Alaska, nobly defending her family from ramapant (partisan) predators and (rationally minded) people. She was the eleventh governor of Alaska. Prior to being governor, she was a beauty queen and Mayor of Wasilla (population: 10,000). She served no full terms. Other jobs: sportscaster, reality show personality, fisherwoman.


2 thoughts on “Contrasts

  1. OK. I had to google him. Seems there are a few more contrasts.

    One must be that as Territorial Governor, Parks was appointed, not elected.

    Another may be that he never married. That’s the one which is more intriguing to me..

  2. Yes, he was appointed. I wonder, myself, if appointment were still the way to the top if Palin would even be noticed by the powers that be …

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