Family matters

Tomorrow I will go over to my grandparents to help them with technical problems they are having with their PC. This is what will happen:

  • I will fix their problem in 5 minutes;
  • I will then spend the next 1-2 hours explaining what was wrong, how I fixed it, and what to do if it happens again;
  • I will then spend the next 2 hours explaining the same process to my grandfather on how to print a photo (just print, not edit or anything else);
  • We will have dinner, watching the news on TV. My grandfather and I will spend the hour lamenting the fall of society, the state of news, and discussing world affairs (opinions of which we actually share maybe 80%);
  • We will then find something silly to put on as background noise as we indulge in some beverages and start discussing the pathetic state of cricket in Australia, finishing at around 1am on the topic of our family history and members gone, having in between covered our 2007 holiday, politics, my grandfather’s various jobs, and recent movies we have seen.

This has been the pattern of the nights with them for years now. And we have discussed the same things time and time again. I can guarantee you that I will have heard 90% of what has been said at least 5 times already.

And you know what?

I’ll love every minute of it.



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