Fingers in pies

I am seemingly rising through some of the ranks by accident at my new school. A seemingly good school, which ranked in the top 30 of the state last year, I was eager to make an impression there. And I seem to have done something right on that front.

No longer just ‘temporary teacher’, I am also senior cricket coach and official school photographer.



4 thoughts on “Fingers in pies

  1. Too busy coaching cricket and photographing to blog, obviously, Jim. But as to which school you can hardly expect him to tell us here.

  2. Fair point, Marcellous on both. Forunately, T was able to tell me the school via facebook. I was curious because of T’s earlier posts on the school selection process.

    He does seem to be having fun.

  3. There is a lot of truth to Marcellous’ post. At this school, there is a significant amount of work I had previously not anticipated having to do.

    That, in itself, might be enough for a blog post. I do have some spare time tonight …

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