On a regular afternoon, after returning from school, I will’relax’ for a good hour or so. I’ll eat, have a drink, watch some TV, check emails, Twitter, Facebook, maybe chat to a few people. I have also returned to a hobby which I will broadly call ‘fiction writing’, wherein I write ~10+ pages of stories a week. Then I have the following to do:

  • ‘Professional development’ forms to fill out, including:
    • My day book
    • Professional reflection log
    • Professional development records (if we had a staff meeting that day)
  • Make my lessons (varying between two and four at 80 minutes each) for the next day, which regularly includes:
    • Writing worksheets
    • Making a lesson plan
    • Gathering resources
    • ‘Doing’ the lesson myself (that is, doing the work to make sure it all flows)
  • Update my unit for taught lessons
  • ‘Reflect’ and evaulate my day’s lessons
  • Log all the lessons of my shared classes in the ‘Log Book’
  • Re-reading any parts of a book/play/movie that we are studying for the next lesson
  • A variety of paperwork that comes my way in regards to the ‘roles and responsibilities’ of the staff (this week it’s the roster for shutting windows …)

I’m not nearly lodging this as a complaint. I actually quite enjoy it all, and readily accept it’s part of a job. I just thought I’d shed some light as to why this blog died in the hind-quarters when term started.

Hope all are well! I will try and update folks on things generally through this. But, as always, the best way to keep abreast of me is through Twitter (now, formerly Facebook). I am trying to ween myself off Twitter and Facebook. I have started to change the ways I use them (certainly Facebook) and really am trying to justify getting rid of them completely.

I do, however, enjoy showing off my holiday photos on Facebook. So that will probably stay.



One thought on “Why?

  1. So much for the 9-3 job people like to characterise teaching as. Glad you are enjoying it though.

    As a gen x’er I find Facebook and Twitter fine to not interact with, but to use to catch up on news and upcoming social events (most of my uni get tgethers are only announced on fb events).

    Good luck with the conversion.

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