New blogs (sort of)

Now that year 9 have got their laptops, I am going to really push the technology on them. I have started a blog for the class, which we have started doing general work on. Nothing exciting yet.

If I find the time, I will elaborate. I won’t be publishing the blog’s link here for obvious reasons.



2 thoughts on “New blogs (sort of)

  1. I bet quite a lot of them are more techno-savvy than you (and certainly I) could even imagine.

    For all we know, they could be on GRINDR or heterosexual equivalents already, or chatting up Federal Police cyber-agents posing as year 8 girls or boys on the net for entrapment purposes!

    Lots of scope for dramatic irony as a lesson topic, come to think of it…

  2. Just to pick up on a specific thing you said (which certainly should be made into a post, if I get the time) …

    The kids are more tech-savvy than most people. The strangest thing is that they don’t know it! It is entirely latent knowledge and “natural”/habitual skills that they display.

    If I tell them to do something on their laptops and give them detailed and clear instructions, they invariable mess it up.

    However, if I tell them simply to “do” something, chances are they’ve already done it before I even get to the instructions.

    This goes for registering accounts, formatting comments, finding sources/websites, using suggested programs … the list goes on.

    Similarly, if you ask them to tell you how to do something, or how they did something, they cannot for the life of them tell you. They say things like “Well, I just did it” or “I don’t know” simply to avoid having to actually stop themselves and think about all these processes that they have going on that they probably don’t know.

    It is really amazing! I would love to have been teaching in the pre-technology world and the current classroom simply to see this change!

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