Government shutdown

I explained what a ‘government shutdown’ was to my mother this afternoon. I nearly used the West Wing explanation word-for-word, especially the part about the postal workers. I think only when I went into the fall-out did she realise what a big deal it was.

A lot of people were keen to see a shutdown happen only because they thought that the governemnt (see: politicians and their aides) would be shut down. However, when you think of how far the government actually extends into our lives, having the government stop working would be complete chaos.

I, on the other hand, wanted to see a shutdown because I wanted to see what chaos looks like.

We won’t get one though because the Dems in the US Senate and the GOP ins the US House meet somewhere between 37 and 38 billion in spending cuts. All 1.5 hours before the shutdown would have come into effect.



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