Books again

I seem to have channeled all of my collecting/hoarding traits into acquiring books. Today I came home with an assortment of those orange Penguin books.

The main reason? They were going cheap. With Borders going out of business, I intend to dance on their grave with as much ferosity as much as I can muster. I had sparingly purchased the odd thing from there – usually, though, $10 Penguin classics or DVDs that were hard to find (see: foreign).

Today though, it was time to buy up a whole bunch of books at discounted price. Though, further investigating revealed that a majority of the things there were still overpriced (even with discounts).

Apparently the Bondi Junction store is staying open. The rest if open slather. I imagine that everything will be 50% off sooner or later, if only to move more things out the door.



2 thoughts on “Books again

  1. I visited our local and soon to be defunct Borders. I agree it’s still overpriced, but their range made the store a hit to visit regularly. I usually went home to buy most books I could get on Kindle though. Sorry Borders, you just cost too much!!

    I blame the private equity firms

  2. I blame them; if they couldn’t adapt to a changing business world, they deserve to go out of business?

    You know, I ordered a book off their website in February and is came last Thursday! They were late to getting into the online market, and then their service in it is woeful.

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