In an hour

IN an hour I will leave home to spend an evening with people who contribute literally nothing to my life. They are good people, people who work hard, people who will achieve a lot with their lives. But they literally have no bearing on my life. I very rarely see them, and even then we discuss such banal and trivial things that I nearly put myself to sleep.

We share so few common interests, I certainly operate at a higher level than them all, and no one is prepared to engage in lively debate wherein they have to justify what they say (well, other than me of course). Tonight will be exceptionally boring, and would have been better off spent marking these last essays and assignments or watching a DVD or doing anything on my to-do list.

Why, then, do I continually get invited to these things? I make it fairly obvious that I do not aspire to spend time with these people, so why am I always asked? These peole even know tat I wouldn’t be put out if I weren’t invited.

Tonight will be a stark contrast to the day I had yesterday when I spent the day with people I enjoy spending time with, engaged in much lively debate and discussion, and knew exactly why I was spending time with them.



3 thoughts on “In an hour

  1. Most enjoyable. We need a stenographer to record all the things that we say. That would save me trying to recall them in a half-assed effort to write a blog post.

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