Inspired by the post series that Neil is doing on his blog (as well as a result of my general interest in history and my family’s history) I am going to begin to catalogue and ‘get down’ my own family’s story.

My first stop will be to my grandmother (on my father’s side) when I return from my holiday. I actually know very little about my father’s side of the family. What I do know is quite outlandish (involving my father’s father, the UK-convicted con-man)  albeit true, as well as rather sad (my grandparents really suffered through the Depression in Australia).

My mother’s side I know a lot about. A lot. They come directly from Britain and there are a number of fascinating World War One and Two stories (military service in them, that is). What does need to happen is a digitization of all the sources, photos, etc. Much like what Neil is doing now. My grandfather – a prodigeous photographer since he could first afford a camera – has boxes full.

I might go so far as to relate some of the stories here, though I can’t imagine how many of them are interesting. The most interesting story will be that of my father. From poverty into … well, what he is now. As intriguing as this will sound, I’m not actually allowed to discuss what his latest business veture is. Suffice to say, his story (at the end of it all) will be the cliched ‘Australian story’.



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