The year in review

Well, this has certainly been the least blogged year since I began blogging. To be expected, I guess. But, either way, I know that there are a couple of people who lurk around here on the off chance that I might throw up an update every now and then. So I thought ‘d (briefly) sum up my year.

Largely, I’d have to say this has probably been my most successful year, in terms of arbitrary measurements and ‘life goals’ have gone.

Beginning the year, I took up a temporary position at a new school after interviewing (unsuccessfully) for a job at the end of 2010. I was called (roughly) three days before the start of term by the principal and offered X, Y, and Z. After some thinking about it, I accepted and began.

I was pretty successful at my job (I can say that with confidence as unfolding events will attest to it). I was very lucky and fortunate to find myself at a semi-selctive school with pretty decent kids to teach.

During term two, I was called by the Graduate Recruitment Office and offered a permanent job at another semi-selective school. After serious and troublesome deliberation, I declined that job. Two terms later, I achieved permanency at the school I began the year at, filling a substantive history teacher’s job with a side-dish of English.

Earlier in the year, I finally graduated from university. The first in my family, and likely to be the only one until the next generation comes along. I was very proud; my family was prouder still.

(This will sound lame, but it is a monumental success for me:) I made friends at the school I’m teaching at. No, not the students. Other teachers. I have always struggled in that department, but have managed to develop (at least in the professional sense) friendships with work colleagues. It makes work much more enjoyable. However …

I came to love my job. After the initial shock and nerves washed away, and I was able to find my routine, my inner teacher, and what I could call a school ‘presence’, I actually realised that I love teaching. Perhaps I wouldn’t love it at another school, but I love it at this school. I formed (professional, of course) meaningful connections with the vast majority of my students, best highlighted in the lamenting that both I and the students are going through as I have very few of them again next year.

I managed to purge some very bad people from my life. Yes, I know: You would expect to see such a claim on an emo’s Tumblr-cum-Twitter rant. I’ll leave it at this: I had some very bad associations with people, which have now been severed. In doing so, I know I have made my life all the more enjoyable and better for anyone still involved. This has made me happier than I thought it would.

I traveled a lot this year. Earlier, I went to Hong Kong with Mr. Rabbit. That was a fun holiday, with a great blend of mature and less-mature frivolity. Then, about 6 months later, I went back to Hong Kong with Andrew this time. This was exactly the type of holiday you expect two young-20-somethings to have, with a lot of alcohol, and lot of late nights, and a lot of fun being had by all. Some of my best memories will come from these two holidays.

In a few days, I fly out to Vietnam. I am spending a tick under 3 weeks there. This is my most adventurous holiday as I have very little planned except for the notion that, on the second day, I am just going to do whatever I (and the law) wants.

Speaking of Mr. Rabbit, he and I presented at the ETA conference this year. I thought it was (largely) successful. Mr. Rabbit deserves most of the credit here; he did do the harder work. But, again, a little this that made the year better.

For the past few months, I had been communicating with a female. More recently, we have been going out. Most recently, we have decided to disclose such information to our social and familial circles. This has brought me much and great happiness as this was the final area in my life that I was yet to display any sort of success or ability in.

The HSC results came in and I am genuinely pleased for the students that I had. I can lay very, very little claim to their results; it is off their own backs that they achieve the success (or failure) that finds them. I would, however, like to think that I gave them some good ‘life advice’ in my little farewell speech on their last lesson with me. However, overall, my results (as part of the English faculty) were above average and not far behind the teacher who is considered the best in the faculty. They were ahead of the other teachers of the same subject. This pleased me as it was evidence that I actually had an idea about what I was doing and that I had made the right choice to stay at the school.

Perhaps I am wearing rose glasses at the moment, or maybe I’m just optimistic for the first time in my life. But I feel that 2012 will be an enjoyable one. I’m sure I’ll be back in a year to judge whether my words were premature or not, but I know that I’m now probably closing the year on what has been the most successful (personally and professionally) year of my life.

I hope that you have had a productive and enjoyable 2011, and I wish you all the best for the coming.



7 thoughts on “The year in review

  1. It is nice when everything in your life starts to click. Well done! If you are like me, you may have found the university years a little frustrating because of a lack of relative control over your own destiny. However, it is great when everything starts to happen and you become successful in all these different areas of life. Here’s to an even better 2012! The mortgage must be next!

  2. (@ombudsman: omg, the mortgage!)

    Sounds a good year round, except for those “purged” “very bad” people. That seems such a harsh judgment. Very bad for you I can understand more readily.

    Anyway and oh well, we move on, I suppose.

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