Amelie – I caught majority of this movie (though missed the first half an hour) back in 2005 and was enamored with it. I was inspired enough to go and buy the DVD and watch it completely, upon which it became sort of a secret that I enjoyed it (such were the early days of my favourite films). Eventually I grew enough taste and appreciation of films to realise that this was far better than some of my other favourites of the past.

Amelie vs. Garden State – Early in 2007 I invented some crazy way to compare movies that I liked. The first ‘test’ of this system was a comparison of these two films. What was produced was a marathon of a post that took three days to write. Approach with caution!

Holiday photos – through February and the beginning of March, I went on holidays through Europe. Of course, the tourist I am, I took photos of everywhere I went. This post linked to a few highlights and my favourite photos of the trip.

The 18 Cup Tour – With me on my holiday through Europe was The 18 Cup (a trophy with a storied history that our group of friends played poker for) with me, and it found its way into some memorable photos.

The Bucks ‘Party!’ 2007 – This was a memorable and extremely enjoyable evening for all involved. Apart from being entertaining, it was the last sojourn that our group would attend before the Ombudsman’s move. It was a (not to be mentioned) bucks party into Star City, with a finish that only our group could manage.

An Ombudsman’s Wedding – The wedding to the above Bucks ‘Party!’. It was the farewell to the Ombudsman for the group, and, on a more personal note, quite a ‘coming-of-age’ experience. It details the whole day; from the trip there with Mr. Rabbit to lunch with some of the group to the closing stages of the evening. Later, when I obtained photos of the event, there was a part two post.

The ‘At least Cockburn has a shack …’ Series – A string of posts regaling the tale of when Mr. Rabbit and myself drove some ridiculous mileage to visit our friend, the Ombudsman, out in Menindee. Part one is the first leg, part two the second leg, part three is our first day in Menindee. Part four is the first and second adventures of our sight-seeing day: Kinchega National Park and Lake Paramaroo. It’s a work in progress, and will be updated as the story continues. It was quite the experience, and certainly an eventful holiday. There are pictures as well!


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